Just the Two of Us - LALICIOUSJust the Two of Us - LALICIOUS

Just the Two of Us

Body Essentials Set - LALICIOUSBody Essentials Set

Body Essentials Set

Gilded Woods Body Scrub - LALICIOUSGilded Woods Body Scrub - LALICIOUS

Gilded Woods Body Scrub 16oz

Gilded Woods Body Lotion - LALICIOUSGilded Woods Body Lotion - LALICIOUS

Gilded Woods Body Lotion

Après Ski Sugar Scrub - LALICIOUSAprès Ski Sugar Scrub - LALICIOUS

Après Ski Sugar Scrub 16oz

Après Ski Body Butter - LALICIOUSAprès Ski Body Butter - LALICIOUS

Après Ski Body Butter 8oz

Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub - LALICIOUSSugar Coconut Sugar Scrub - LALICIOUS

Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub

From $12

Sugar Coconut Body Butter - LALICIOUSSugar Coconut Body Butter - LALICIOUS

Sugar Coconut Body Butter

From $29

Sugar Coconut Hand Cream - LALICIOUSSugar Coconut Hand Cream - LALICIOUS

Sugar Coconut Hand Cream

Sugar Coffee Sugar Scrub - LALICIOUSSugar Coffee Sugar Scrub - LALICIOUS

Sugar Coffee Sugar Scrub 16oz

From $12

Sugar Peppermint Sugar Scrub - LALICIOUSSugar Peppermint Sugar Scrub - LALICIOUS

Sugar Peppermint Sugar Scrub

From $12