Michelle, Burlingame, CA

You will never need lotion again! I use the LaLicious Sugar Souffle every time I shower (last thing I do) andI haven't used body lotion in years. 

Your skin will be so soft and moisturized. It is addicting!

Jennifer J., Milwaukee, WI

Lovely LaLicious. 
This Coconut Sugar Souffle is totally unlike any other scrub. It is absolutely fabulous, gently sloughs off dry skin, and it makes your skin hum. 

Unlike other scrubs, because it is whipped, it has a consistency which is uniform throughout (no oil resting on the top of it). 

This incredible consistency works wonders on your dry and itchy spots. 
With one try, you will be a believer!

D. Mitrevski, Rochester, NY

Great body oil. 
I tried the LaLicious Coconut Cream Body Oil because I love the smell of coconut. 

LaLicious body oils are very moisturizing and leave a nice soft scent on your skin. 

Great to use on your legs right after shaving.

Gail Texas, USA

LaLicious is luscious! This collection of four bath and body can't-do-withouts has the most delicious fragrance - 
an appealing blend of fresh berry and sweet fruit, a subtle scent that remains with you.

While all four in this collection top the charts, the Body Oil is a particular favorite of mine. Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, 
Macadamia Nut Oil and Vitamin E Oil all serve to soften and smooth the skin without any greasy feeling. 
Quickly absorbed it leaves only an attractive silky finish as it continues to nourish skin.

Another prime pamperer is the Sugar Soufflé Body Scrub. With an incredible combination of oils and cane sugar (much less abrasive than salt) 
this Scrub exfoliates, conditions, moisturizes and smoothes. 
Simply massage all over your body before you get out of the shower, then rinse. Result? Satiny, yummily fragranced you!

Merci, LaLicious!

Brenda J. 

Thank you very much for the LaLicious Sugar Kiss Body Butter and the Sugar Kiss Moisturizing Body Scrub. 
I entered the Elle sweepstake and was the fortunate one that won these fabulous products. I am always looking for new fragrances. 
I do not like smelling like everyone else. This one is great! Again, thank you very much for introducing me to your company.  

D. Anonymous, San Francisco, CA

Be in the know!
LaLicious Brown Sugar Soufflé Scrub is incredible! The smell evokes a sense of comfort and ease. 
Unlike most body scrubs - this is made with actual sugar that melts when lathered on, thus making the whole body scrub 
process enjoyable (instead of a chore)! I must also recommend using LaLicious\' Vanilla (Shea) Body Butter afterwards. 
It is a true simple joy to make the stress and troubles of this world melt away. 


Works for both body and mind. 
This Sugar Souffle Scrub is a great product. Not only does it leave your skin feeling so soft, but I\'m a new mommy and 
the delicious smell totally lifts your spirits. I guess you could say it\'s like aromatherapy! :) 
The sugary, sweet smell makes you feel like you\'re indulging yourself. 
I highly recommend this not only for the results it gives, but also as a pick me up for those trying times.

M. Fovall, Lake Forest, CA

This Brown Sugar Body Scrub leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling of brown sugar. The texture is the best I\'ve ever seen in a body scrub.
I'm a loyal user of LaLicious Brown Sugar Body Scrub. I use this product on my very sensitive skin and it actually improves its appearance.

M. Napoliello

SO sweet and natural. 
This smells UNBELIEVABLE. The Brown Sugar is truly invigorating and smells like sugar cookies. 
The scrub is all natural and feels soft and buttery on the skin. This doubles as an all-over moisturizer 
because all of the oils don\'t completely wash off in the shower, leaving your skin with a slick feel and a sweet scent. 
I absolutely LOVE this!!

S. Weel

"Blooming Lily" This Lily Mango Sugar Scrub is fantastic! I purchased it after reading about it in a magazine & I am hooked. 
It smells WONDERFUL & I love the texture. It\'s very, very thick going on and once you rinse, it leaves a silky residue on your body. 
So the smell stays on your skin for hours & your skin feels soft, smooth & healthy. I also bought the lotion,
but I don\'t think it\'s needed, because the sugar scrub leaves such a nice feel on the skin. 
Worth the money & I definitely will be back for more!

Amaya, Santa Cruz, CA

This stuff is amazing... I found it through a friend and tried hers and I am HOOKED. It smells simply 
irresistible and makes your skin super soft... Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it!

Sarah, Atlanta, GA

The best!!!!!
This Lily Mango Sugar Scrub is the best, when you put this on in the shower it smells gorgeous! And it scrubs your skin clean 
and you feel so soft when you get out! It has a moisturizer already in it, so right there you have already skipped a step!!! 
It keeps your skin hydrated for a couple of showers. Haven\'t tried the others yet because I feel in love with this one.

Shelly Hawes-Smith

I received the Coconut Scrub and Butter in my Yellow Box Beauty shipment and I LOVE it. 
Coconut is one of my all-time favorite scents. I love that the Scrub smells like I just whipped it up in my own kitchen -
fresh, sweet and luxurious! The Scrub beads up the water on my skin - leaving me moisturized but never oily. 
The Butter is rich and fantastic.


I wanted to thank you so much for your repeated fantastic service.  I also wanted to let you know that the LaLicious 
scrubs got me through a very nasty winter. I naturally have oily skin and have never had problems. I\'m also from the 
south and I wasn\'t expecting what a Midwestern winter would do to my skin. After a few days of using the LaLicious 
Sugar Soufflé, my legs and arms went from red and kind of scaly and really gross to soft.  In less than two weeks, all was well.   
Anyway, I'm hooked. Carmen, Dayton Ohio

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for offering such an awesome line of products with such incredible customer service. 
Quality is difficult enough to find these days. It\'s a special treat when it comes with a smile. Since I have been using your products, 
you\'ve sent me a number of samples. I always end up purchasing a larger size when the sample size runs out. 
I love the Coconut Cream line and you sent me both the scrub and the butter as samples. I love the Lily Mango and, as you can see, 
I\'m ordering that, too.

Melissa, DeLush

I am not going to beat around the bush here. This scrub is simply incredible. The super-soft consistency makes it feel truly decadent. 
Well, that and the luscious scent, which left me saying "No seriously - I smell SO good!" the entire day, testing my husband\'s limited 
tolerance levels. But he agreed - and was as pleased as I was with the incredibly soft skin that resulted. 
I didn\'t feel that this scrub left me feeling as "oily" as some moisturizing scrubs do afterward, either.

Amina, UK

I live in Nigeria and run a beauty shop/bridal makeover. A friend of mine got me your Brown Sugar Vanilla Scrub from the states as a gift
and I used it on myself and a couple of brides. I have not known peace since then. Thanks a million. 
The scrub is absolutely gorgeous I am going to buy as much as I can get.

Anita, Gladstone, NJ

I love your Coconut Cream line of products. I was skiing in Utah and bought them in a shop in Park City.  
Since using them I have had so many men and women comment on how much they like the fragrance. 
One man told me that just by standing next to me he felt like he was back in the islands! 
Also, I have horses and am outside in the cold winter which takes its toll on my already dry skin. 
Your Body Oil is especially helpful in moisturizing my skin. My sister is a Dermatologist and I even told her about these wonderful products. Thank you!

Linda, San Diego CA

I really enjoy your body scrub! This is my third order. Thanks for a terrific product!

Dottie, Greensboro, NC 

Tried your Sugar Soufflé at Trilogy Day Spa in Manhattan Beach, CA....the best I have ever used! Mary, Pueblo, CO 
LOVE YOUR PRODUCT.  IT IS THE BEST!!!! Helen, Temecula, CA Dear LaLicious,
I just had to thank you for your amazing Coconut Cream bath products! I ordered the bath/shower gel and you included a 
complimentary body scrub and I received both the products right away. I LOVE them both. I\'m a coconut fanatic and 
very picky about the scent - your Coconut Cream is PERFECT... wonderful concentrated coconut aroma with a hint of vanilla... FABULOUS. Thank you so much! 

Molly, Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear LaLicious,
I wanted to let you all know how much I L-O-V-E your body scrubs! Oh my God! I cannot take a shower without them! I use the 
Brown Sugar and Coconut scrub like it\'s going out of style!  As a product princess I have tried every scrub known to man to 
soften up my dry, Arizona skin. Yours is the only one that works!  It leaves my skin soft, smooth, and smelling delicious! 
Congratulations, you have made me a LaLicious customer for life!

Tasha, Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to let you know how much I LOVE your products.  I have literally spent thousands 
of dollars trying to construct the perfect shower - from Bath and Body Works to Calvin Klein body wash.   
Your scrub is like frosting!  I give beauty advice for several beauty magazines so I always get a ton of product and have seriously tried every scrub /wash out there.   
But from now on it\'s LaLicious all the way.  Most scrubs are just a pile of sugar in oil and when I scoop it out of the container it messes up my nails.   
I love that yours is whipped and I smell good all day long.


I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your products.  I first tried the Vanilla line at the Pebble Beach spa in 
Monterey in January 05 and I bought it right away. I have told all my friends about it, mainly because they always ask me what I\'m wearing!  
I just placed an order with you for my 4th round of products. I can hardly wait to get my order!


I just wanted to congratulate you on being in Allure magazine.  I was so excited when I saw that feature. 
I have turned some friends on to you, and they are now addicted!  I love all of your products, and will keep spreading the word!


I absolutely love your product and have been using it for sometime. I was introduced to it by a friend, and am 
now making it my personal mission to have all of my girlfriends experience the moisturizing, scrubbing, wonderful sensation of your products.

Perri, Culver City, CA

I\'ve been using your body butter since before I was pregnant. I am now seven months pregnant and don\'t have a stretch mark in sight.
It\'s fantastic and smells gorgeous.

Kathy, Las Vegas NV

Thank you!!!  I bought the Vanilla Body Butter at Pure Beauty and LOVE IT!!!

Chandra, Meridianville, AL

I am completely in LOVE and addicted. This has to be the most wonderful sugar scrub I have used and believe me
I have been through a ton of them lately!! I hopped out of the tub a little while ago after using the Lily Mango and I still smell heavenly. I love these!!

Laura, West Hollywood, CA

I picked up a Sugar Scrub at Planet Blue last summer and the Vanilla Body Butter, which I\'m obsessed with, 
at Elahn a couple of months ago. The body butter is the BEST, BEST I\'ve ever used and I was a fashion/beauty 
writer for years and have played with/sampled everything!!

Sue, San Mateo CA

I just have to tell you...I saw your Brown Sugar Scrub this week at Pure Beauty in San Mateo-California...."oh my god"... 
I just wanted to let you know I think the packaging & the fragrances are wonderful!

Katie, Malibu, CA

Dedicated & addicted to your products now for 2 years! No other similar products even comes close.  
Looking forward to the body butters...and I\'m sure you\'re experiencing much well-deserved success!

Kara, Laguna Hills CA

I was just talking about your product tonight with some friends and we were all saying that we and our husbands love it!

Lana, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Peppermint Sugar Soufflé you gave me. It\'s fabulous!!! 
I don\'t have to "re-mix" it every time I use it either like I do the other ones.

Danielle, CA

Just want you to know I love the Peppermint Scrub. I got my sister-in-law hooked on it last weekend while she was here visiting from Reno.

Victoria, Agoura Hills, Ca

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed this product. I just received it in the mail today and I have already used it twice. 
I cannot get enough. I know now that I will be a more than repeat customer of your products. Thank You so much for this product, there is nothing else like it!

A. Pena, PuntaMita, Mexico

I can not seem to get enough of your Sugar Souffle Scrubs...I do not think there is a more delightful product in the beauty market :)

Louise, North Carolina

You have the best customer service in all of America! Got my stuff and just love it. Thank you so much.

Almari, Studio City, Ca

Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the scrubs!!!!

C. Willard

I LOVE the body scrub! it is so great! my mom had it in the tub and i tried some and it perfected my skin and made it SO soft. It was like a miracle in a bottle!

Jennie K 

Thank you for taking such good care of our order.  We love your products! 

L. Jones, CA

Okay I just tried for the first time. Where have you been all my life? My skin is so dry when I am out the shower and 
sometimes I am too tired to even lotion myself, which is a waste cause it seems like it is not working anyway. 
But this product, oh my goodness it is the best thing I have ever used. I just got out the shower. I am typing this comment 
with a bath towel on. That is how good it is I just had to tell you. I will be going to your store and getting MORE. 
Thank you Thank you Thank you, thank you so much. I do believe this is going to cure my exzema.

Amy D.

I do need to tell you that I LOVE all of your products.  I ordered them for my friends for christmas and they were a huge hit.  
Everyone loved them.  This is my 4th order.  Lalicious has a great product!!!!  I will be a customer for life!!!

D. Greenberg

Your company rocks! I ordered two items last week and in my package you sent me two wonderful gifts. 
I used to order from 100% pure, but they can't compare to your customer service and product line. You have a customer for life. 
The products are simply wonderful!

Stef, WeHeartThis.com

Like no other scrub you’ve ever tried. Light and airy with an almost buttery consistency, as you easily scoop this out of the 
jar and rub it into your skin, the oils are released directly onto your skin. Believe me people, this is sheer heaven! 
BeautyJunkiesUnite.com I had the pleasure oftrying out a few LaLicious products and absolutely loved how authentic the fragrances were.  
I also enjoyed the purity of the product, which use natural oils, pure cane sugar, vitamins and minerals.  
I love how fresh citrus scents are and with the weather heating up, the Passionfruit Lime Sugar Soufflé is the ideal product to exfoliate with and refresh at the same time.  
It smells so good, you may be tempted to taste this, don’t say I didn’t warn you! (But please don’t!)  
LaLicious Sugar Soufflés are non-greasy, dissolve clean, and leave skin so moist that you could skip the lotion that day if you wanted. 

E. Starr

I LOVE your products. I first bought samples at Bendel's in New York a couple of years ago, and I won't use another body scrub. 
This was my second direct order from you, and there will be more, I promise. 

L. Dalton

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products. This is my 3rd purchase in less than 2 months and I could
not be happier with your quality, the presentation and fast delivery. Whenever I put on any of the coconut products I tell
my husband I am now "on vacation" - even though I'm heading off to work. Thanks.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I placed my order yesterday morning and received it first thing this morning!

The only product I've used from LaLicious is the sugar scrub and I absolutely fell in love so I am extremely excited to start 
using my new goodies! I'm going to have to go back to my spa so I can try out more scents!

Thanks a million!

Debbie C.

I am HOOKED on your products! I cannot start the day without your peppermint body soap and scrub. 
For years I have tried numerous products and have never purchased the same product twice but I haven't used anything else but Lalicious for over a year.
The peppermint scent is the perfect blend of invigorating and sweet so neither is too intense. 
The body soap foams up to perfection and the scrub is incredibly moisturizing and exfoliating. Thank you for making me happy every morning.


This is the best body butter I have ever used! It soaks in my skin without leaving it greasy. 
The sugar scrub is amazing as well! My skin is the best it has ever looked! The coconut cream reminds me of a vacation on the beach, happy!


This is a whipped sugar scrub, it is not oily, greasy, or messy. My boyfriend and I both use the coconut sugar scrub,
body butter, and body oil (great for massages) We have been using since I received it as a birthday gift last summer, and can not live without it. It is the best!


This is absolutely fabulous. Love all of the scents but the Sugar Kiss is my favorite. Really exfoliates and moisturizes 
at the same time. First introduced when i got a pedicure, purchased it at the spa and can't live without it since then. 
I use it on my arms, legs, feet and hands.


This Tahitian Flower scrub is nothing short of fabulous - the scent is deliciously tropical and it leaves your skin feeling fresh, 
clean and softer than ever. It is the ultimate hard-working exfoliator for shaving too - I really can't shave with anything else after using this. 
The Mango-Lily scent equally lovely. Sara This Sugar Kiss is such an amazing new scent!!! 
The combination of floral and citrus smells incredible with the addition of vanilla. I am so in love with this sugar scrub.


This is my absolute addiction right now!! (the Sugar Kiss Body Butter) I can't get enough. 
Fantastic to use before bed or right out of the shower!! Jessica Can you say yum?!?! (Coconut Cream Body Butter)


I love this product. The scrub works great and not harsh. The oil is great and the smell is beautiful.
I wish it came in a perfume bottle also. I tell you this scent will attract the man you want.