Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub

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Exfoliate and moisturize your skin with this Extraordinarily Whipped Sugar Scrub. Leave skin deliciously soft with a sweet blend of fresh coconut.


Unlike Any Other

An extraordinary whipped sugar scrub.
This all-in-one body treatment is packed with Pure Sugar Cane crystals to exfoliate dry skin cells and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil to deeply moisturize, leaving skin deliciously soft.

How to Use

Gentle enough to use every day. At the end of your shower or bath, scoop a generous amount of the whipped sugar scrub into hands and massage into skin, buffing in a circular motion.

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells

  • Moisturizes and softens skin

  • Reveals glowing skin


Coconut Oil is temperature sensitive. It will soften in warmer temperatures and solidify in cooler temperatures. Please be assured that a change in consistency does not affect the quality.

Pure Sugar Cane
A natural exfoliate containing glycolic acid that gently removes dry, dead skin cells and toxins that clog pores. Evens out skin tone and leaves a radiant glow.

Coconut Oil
A deeply hydrating natural oil that contains saturated fats, vitamin E and antioxidants providing the skin with long lasting nourishment, leaving it smooth and protected.

Sweet Almond Oil
An intensely hydrating oil, rich in omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants. Nourishes the skin and locks in moisture leaving behind a renewed softness and smoothness.

All Ingredients

Sucrose (Cane Sugar), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Fragrance (Parfum), Tocopherol, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Honey (Mel).

Additional information

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Sugar Scrub Size

2oz, 16oz, 68oz

50 reviews for Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub

  1. Nancy (verified owner)

    The best scrub ever. What I love about it is that it doesn’t seperate like most scrubs do!! Skin feels great after use. Coconut is my favorite, tried some of the others but I don’t like floral/perfume scents.

  2. Khou (verified owner)

    this was the first product i tried from LaLicious
    I purchased it with the corresponding body butter. I am a big fan of scrubs in general however i have very sensitive skin and not all physical scrubs fit my skin type. this scrub is so gentle yet so effective. my skin though has to be wet first in the shower to use it. i do literally head to toe scrubbing with this and i keep it in my shower so the coconut oil stays liquid in the jar for a faster spread of the product on your body. the soft feeling of my skin lasts for almost a full week till i do another scrub session that’s how you know it is so effective. the smell is divine, warm milky coconut than a summery coconut. i love it and it lingers on your body without the body butter for around 4 hours with excellent projection. you don’t even need perfume with this.

  3. Ruth (verified owner)

    I love Lalicious products, but I think I recieved possibly an old jar of the of the sugar coconut sugar scrub. The sugar was hard and rough on my skin. Normally the sugar scrubs melt on my skin. I purchased a smaller size scrub to test out the scent. I was really disappointed. I’m not going to purchase this scent again in case it happens again. I did use it up and it left a nice glow which I was happy about.

  4. Katlea

    Lovely sent for any season. Smells like you are on a beach vacation every time you use it. Silky, smooth skin after every use. Love giving this one as a gift.

  5. sharon


  6. Alyssa

    This is hands down the best sugar scrub ever!
    Best scent
    Not drying
    Boyfriend loves it because it leaves me soft and smelling amazing!

  7. monica

    I was so impressed with the lavender scrub in the professional size that I choose to order the sugar coconut scrub in the professional size as well. The scrub is so gentle on the skin that the professional size allowed for me to benefit from this product on a daily basis.

  8. Amelia

    This is absolutely the best scrub in the world (and I’ve tried a lot of them)! It exfoliates and hydrates wonderfully without leaving that residue you often get with coconut oil. Plus, it smells incredible. Try it, you’ll fall in love!

  9. Mary

    This is the best scrub for keeping feet beautiful between pedicures. It exfoliates and softens toes and keeps heels looking good. I won’t purchase anything else.

  10. CL

    The best sugar scrub I have ever used, leaves skin hydrated and soft.

  11. Lori

    When I discovered Lalicious and gifted my friend with the Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub, she went crazy for both the product and the fragrance! She says it smells like the tropics and she loves the way it makes her skin feel. So usually every year, I get her some for her birthday or for Christmas. In fact, I’m ordering her some this week!

  12. Lauren

    This has to be my favorite scent. I have tried almost every other scrub and keep coming back to this one. So amazing!

  13. Mia

    The sugar scrub is perfect for fall/winter. It makes my skin feel silky and smooth! I would recommend this product to a friend. The coconut one is not an overpowering scent and yes it really does smell like a coconut!

  14. Candi

    I can only say, PERFECTION. This is THE BEST body scrub I’ve ever used. I bought it as gifts while watching a Steals and Deals segment on one of the morning shows. I’m DEFINITELY paying full price. AMAZING. PLUS no after shower lotion necessary…never change your formula or process. 🙂 🙂

  15. Laura

    I absolutely LOVE the coconut sugar scrub, hooked is a better description, that I’m now buying the 68 oz size! This scrub is key in my daily ritual–my skin is so soft and moisturized that I skip the apres shower lotion…a time saver! I recommend this product constantly, and give it as gifts to my girlfriends, who are all hooked, too!!

  16. debbie j

    Reminds me of a day at the beach. Fragrance is subtle. Strong scents give me a headache but this is perfect. And the older I get, the more I appreciate how soft it makes my skin feel!

  17. Karen

    My favorite sugar scrub! I have been using this scrub for a few years and miss it when I travel. Makes my skin so much softer..also love the smell!

  18. Rachel

    This is by far the best shower scrub I have ever used. The scent, the after the shower softness…I started buying these as gifts for all of my girlfriends and family. I’ve turned everyone into a Lalicious believer.

  19. Tiffany

    My mom told me about this product after seeing it on the Hallmark Home & Family show around Christmas time. So I ordered it, and I am SO SO glad that I did!! It feels so good on your skin, even after you get out of the shower…But the one thing that I can’t get over is the SMELL!! It smells AMAZING!!! If you are a coconut lover like me you have to get this. Sometimes I will buy a coconut scented product and it has that “cheap imitation” smell to it but this scrub (as well as all of the other Sugar Coconut products in this line) smells so good. It is the ultimate beachy, summery smelling product…and it feels silky soft on the skin.

  20. Jolie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scrub!!!! I’ve had many Lalicious products and I love them all but the coconut is my favorite!!!! It’s that summer time smell that makes you feel like you spent the day at the beach – it’s an amazing product that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smoothe. The smell will leave you wanting to get back in the shower for more!!! But plenty – your house guests will use it up too!!!

  21. Cindy P.

    This is my favorite flavor of sugar scrub. I do like the others but this is my fav!. I would recommend this product to anyone. Makes my skin so smooth and soft! Love, Love , Love IT!!

  22. Elizabeth

    This product is my go-to! It’s my favorite scent, and you don’t need lotion afterwards. It’s so hydrating! Love using before shaving my legs too! Reminds me of tropical vacations. I’ve used for years and won’t ever stop!

  23. Sandra

    I learned about the Coconut scrub while in Dallas, TX at a luxury spa and I have been hooked every since. Well I recently moved to Richmond, VA and after searching high and low. Behold Lalicious website now I get to try the Lip butter. I have not tried any other Fragrance because let’s face it Coconut scrub is Lovers Lane!!!

  24. Dj

    Really works…amazing stuff

  25. chris howell

    I use this product daily. I love the way it makes my skin feel so soft. You can use it, get out of the shower and never have to use lotion. Its Wonderful. although I would also recommend the Body Butter. Love it also

  26. Candy R.

    This scent is GREAT for summer! And there is NOTHING you won’t love about any of the body scrubs! Absolutely awesome!

  27. jennifer marrero

    I use the Sugar Coconut Su 🙂 at Scrub every day. This is truly a product I could not live with out. It leaves my skin silky smooth and super hydrated. I give this product an A+

  28. Amber

    Love,love,love…Ihave been using this sugar scrub for so many years. It is no longer a splurge personal care item, it is a daily necessity! the scrub itself, leaves your skin smooth and soft without leaving an oily, clogged residue on your body. I love all the different scents however the coconut is my everyday – I always start my day feeling like about to embark on a tropical vacation.

  29. Debra

    This body scrub smells like a tropical paradise. It’s rich coconut aroma caresses my skin and leaves it feeling silky and dewy. I highly recommend!

  30. Sharron Dupree

    I love this aroma in particular. I have used all of the Sugar Scrub scents, and this one is one of my faves. All of them first buff your skin and then seem to melt right into it, leaving you feeling soft and silky. I recommend the coconut scent to anyone, and frankly I recommend all of the Lalicious products. Once you try them, you will never be satisfied with anything else

  31. Melony

    I love your scrubs! However, I really miss the lime!

  32. Katie

    I have had many containers of this scrub over the years and it is such a pleasure to use! It is a simple luxury that I will never get tired of using. Leaves skin soft, moisturized, and lightly scented. Lalicious makes the best body scrubs ever, hands down!

  33. Ingrid

    I have loved this company ever since the start”Jessica’s bliss”. They are so moisturizing and give the perfect amount of exfoliating without being to abrasive. Coconut is my favorite!

  34. jan

    It smells soooo good. The sugary scrub is gentle, effective, environmentally safe as it dissolves nicely and leaves your skin soft. The only reason why I give it 4 stars and not 5, is because of the price – a bit spendy.

  35. Jennifer Mills

    This product is fabulous. The smell is absolutely heavenly and reminiscent of a tropical beach in the Caribbean. I love that you feel moisturized leaving the shower and there really isn’t any need to apply moisturizer if you choose not to.

  36. AshleyBubba

    I am so dry by nature and climate but Lalicious sugar scrub keeps my skin renewed and supple! I use this in the shower a few times a week and it helps to slough off dead skin and promote cell turnover which basically means no more scalley skin. What makes Lalicious Sugar Scrub unique is when you use the scrub you are left with a light oil on the skin that soaks right in so you instantly feel moisturized yet not greasy! My husband who tends to be more on the oily side loves to sneak this product into his regimen a few times a week and he, someone who hates the feeling of lotion, swears by it! As with all other Lalicious products, I love that there are no sythetic fragrances or ingredients which makes using these products throughout my pregnancy worry free!
    Sugar coconut is my favorite fragrance, it truly smells like coconut, not Piña colada, not fake manufactured coconut, but truly yummy summertime coconut! Great job Lalicious!

  37. Sara Blackwell

    For a 5 Star feeling without the 5 Star expense treat yourself to a luscious experience with SUGAR COCONUT SUGAR SCRUB! Be Renewed! Thanks LALICIOUS!

  38. Susie

    The Sugar Coconut Scrub is the best scrub I have ever used. It not only smells delicious but makes your skin feel AMAZING!!! I use it every day and love giving it as gifts. I always get compliments from other people on how great it smells. A MUST HAVE!!!!

  39. dj

    I absolutely love this scent and perfomance of this product. I feel so soft and well pampered after using the line. You can ‘t miss with this one. Give it a try!!


  40. Donna

    I have VERY dry/sensitive skin and have only found that Lalicious Sugar Scrub products moisturize my skin like no other. I have tried MANY products and find this to work best for my specific needs. I have recommended this product to many of my friends and family.
    Thank you

  41. Christy

    This is the most amazing Sugar Scrub! I love everything about it…the smell is beyond amazing and it keeps my skin so soft! I am totally addicted!

  42. Kirsten

    After my first try of Lalicious sugar scrub, I was hooked. That first try was over 10 years ago and I cannot imagine showering without it. The coconut makes me feel like I am off somewhere tropical. Using this scrub provides such moisture to my skin that there is no need to use lotion. I am a fan for life.

  43. Barbara DeVito

    I live in the midwest and the cold weather we had this past February has been hard on my skin. It has been dry, itchy, and creams alone haven’t helped. So, I got the Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub and it has done wonders!! I rub it on, rinse off in the shower and tada! smooth skin and I love the smell! Thanks Lalicious your products are great!

  44. Susan Stickney

    Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub leaves your skin smelling great and moisturized. I have very dry skin and do not have to use body lotion after exfoliating with this product.

  45. Willow Moon

    I have tried several of Lalicious’ sugar scrubs, and loved all of them. This is my favorite scent. My skin feels baby soft after using it. I love the oil and lotion too.

  46. J.C.

    Coconut is the best smell in the summer. I love using the sugar scrub after a day of swimming or being in the sun. It leaves my skin so hydrated and smelling tropical. My husband likes it too. 😉

  47. sandra carleton

    The Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub is the perfect remedy for our harsh New England winters. My skin tends to get extra dry during winter here in N.H., but using LALICIOUS Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub I get the relief I need. It exfoliates perfectly, leaving my skin feeling soft and supple. To me, it’s the best sugar scrub ever.

  48. sandra carleton

    The Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub is the perfect remedy for our harsh New England winters. My skin tends to get extra dry during winter here in N.H., but using LALICIOUS Sugar Coconut Sugar Scrub I get the relief I need. It exfoliates perfectly, leaving my skin feeling soft and supple. To me, it’s the best sugar scrub ever.

  49. L Wise

    I use this everyday!!! The smell of coconut is perfect to remind me that summer is right around the corner!!

  50. Frederica Collett

    Love the cocoanut scrub, it makes my skin smooth and silky. The smell makes me think of summer 🙂

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