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"The bag is adorable; it's way more glittery in person and simply beautiful. Perfect balance between creamy, sweet, and spicy without being overwhelming in any way, and best of all it smells so organic. So go ahead and try these little guys out but I guarantee you'll end up getting the full sizes."

- Selene, Pumpkin Spice
Mini Set
"I am a bit of a body scrub fanatic, and I can say without a doubt this is the best scrub I've used so far. I actually tried this after being disappointed in a different high-profile brand's scrub. The consistency of the mixture is perfect; creamy, gritty, and moisturizing. And the scent is amazing! Warm and decadent. Lots of brown sugar, vanilla, and holiday spice. I'm in love."

- Kaleah, Pumpkin Spice
Sugar Scrub
"This is the best lotion. It keeps my skin super soft and hydrated. The best part is the scent... it smells like a warm cinnamon pumpkin. It instantly make you feel cozy."

- Kari, Pumpkin Spice
Body Butter